Established in February 2014 by two sisters, Angelique and Jasmine, ALaModeSLC.com is becoming a solution to a busy woman’s fashion needs. Their love of fashion gives the A La Mode team the ability to encourage self acceptance, promote body positivity, and generate an overall sense of self-love.

Be part of our community!

The team of stylists at A La Mode look forward to helping you save time, end shopping confusion, and look your fashionable best.

Stop the guessing of what’s hip and hop.

End the chase of kids running everywhere as you attempt to try on a few items at the busy mall.

Get new wardrobe shipped right to your door so you don’t miss a step.


A La Mode makes being fashionable fun, easy, and even exciting.

Looking for new things to wear but not sure where to start? A La Mode is here to help!

A La Mode is an personal online shopping service that caters to women sizes 0 – 26. Through a series of simple, straightforward questions, we customize a wardrobe for you, send it directly to your door, and let you decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.

It’s that simple!

Our History

We decided to go into business because we shared a passion for all things fashion. We wanted to start company that encompassed all the things that we stand for and was accessible to women of all social and economic classes.

The problems that we feel like we solve are for women that don’t have the time to shop or share our love of shopping we alleviate the time restraint and send on trend fashions with none of the guess work.

It took years of pursuing un-satisfying careers to find out what we truly wanted to do.

I think our clients like best that we take time to learn about the individual lifestyles and sense of style and really cater our selections to that. I think our attention to detail and our ability to have one on one conversations make them feel like they know us and vice versa.

What Makes Us Different

We pride ourselves on not only being able to serve a wide variety of sizes but we also include various different styles and levels of modesty. We enjoy building a relationship with our clients so we better understand what makes them feel amazing.

What We Offer

We offer several different styling packages that are based on your budget. You can also choose to use our service on a per order basis or as a monthly subscription.