As of now, we are able to style women sizes 0-26.

Boxes usually take about 2 weeks to ship. Please keep in mind that your first box might take a little longer while we create your account and process your survey information.

The price point that we accommodate is reflective of the stylist fee that you pick.  We try our best to make the options as affordable as possible, while still providing the highest quality.

As of now, we ship anywhere in the US for free. When your box has been sent out you will receive an email with a tracking number. As of October 21st 2015 we use USPS Priority as our main source of shipping. So you can make returns at any postal office or just log on to USPS.com to schedule a pickup. Shipping instructions are also included in your Box.

If we ever have something that you want in a size that you believe will fit you better, we will send it to you without hesitation. Just contact us, or note it on your order form. Keep in mind that we work very hard to make sure that the sizes reflect information that was discussed personally or is in the style survey. You may also want to consider getting some things tailored for a custom fit.

Because of availability, we cannot promise any specific item. If you are looking for items for to serve a specific function (example: work clothes, vacation, formal wear) just let us know in your style survey or feel free to send us an email.

You have 5 business days to return your box. After the 5th day you will be charged for the total of all the items you received and sent an invoice/receipt.

“Your Styling Period” is the is the time we take to review your profile, hand pick your pieces, and pack your Box.

You may cancel, pause or skip a month at any time. Please email us at least 7 days prior to when your styling period begins.

We currently ship many different types of tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets and accessories. We have yet to start shipping shoes or dense outerwear but we hope to start in the near future.

Right now we are partnered with several different unique brands. Big and Small… Some of them include. BB Dakota, Kut From The Kloth, Everly, Sneak Peek and Cello.

The styling fee is based on how much you are comfortable spending on your pieces. Here is a quick break down.

  • $20- You can expect most items in your box to be under $50 
  • $30- You can expect most items in your box to be under $150
  • $40- You can expect some items in this box to be above $150