Premium Styling Experience Form

  • Getting to Know You

    How are we going to display these? How many packages are there?
  • Closet Cleanup

    Plenty of clothes, but nothing to wear? Still holding on to pieces waiting for them to fit again? Let us come in and sort through it with you. Removing things that don’t work and constructing outfits with the things that do. Afterwards, we’ll take all of the unwanted items to consignment or to be donated.
  • Wardrobe Overhaul

    Don’t bother spending hours at the mall, tirelessly searching through the racks. We’ll do all of the hard work for you. After a detailed consultation, we sift through stores you love, to put together looks exclusively for you. After mutually deciding on a location, you’ll have a fitting, where you’ll get to try everything on. Keep everything you love and we’ll take back the rest.
  • The Workaholic

    Dress to impress! Your stylist will work with you to have custom suits made. Each suit will be perfectly fit to your size, and your stylist will help you with, color, patterns and accessories.
  • Gold Combo Package

    Wardrobe Overhaul + Your choice between Closet Cleanup or The Workaholic
  • Platinum Combo Package

    Wardrobe Overhaul + Your choice between Closet Cleaning and The Workaholic + The day of all days Start off with an, on site, full body massage. Before a deluxe fitting with the A La Mode Stylist of your choice, a master stylist and make-up artist will come to give you the works.