The curvy girls guide to nailing wedding season fashion

The “what to wear” conundrum can be a real issue come wedding season. Sure, the idea of getting glammed up for a night of bubbly and fancy apps always sounds fun, but actually figuring out what to put on your body can be tricky. As skilled as you may be at dressing for your nine-to-five or a casual weekend, putting together a more formal look can take you out of your comfort zone real fast, leaving you unsure how to turn it out while still feeling like yourself
I know the task at hand isn’t any easier when you have curves. Many contemporary brands drop off at a size 10 so even knowing where to shop can be daunting. Factor in body insecurities you may be harboring (we all have ‘em, no matter our size) plus potentially large feet (speaking from experience here…) and landing on the perfect outfit can be harder than it should be!
But let’s be real, no amount of wardrobe anxiety is going to stop the wedding invites from rolling in, so here are three foolproof tips to help a cury girl nail that perfect look.

Go Long

In a sea of knee-length cocktail numbers, floor length dresses are always a showstopper. And because they turn your body into one long uninterrupted line, they couldn’t be more flattering. Plus, they let you get away with some real controversial footwear choices, like black Birkenstocks . The truth is everyone is looking at your dress and there is something refreshing about not trying too hard with your sandals, so I say do what you want! And trust me, at 2 a.m. your feet will thank you.

Don’t feel bad about covering up

Nobody preaches body confidence and not giving a sh*t louder or prouder than this girl, but even I know a wedding is not the place to throw your tried and true wardrobe formula out the window. And just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to show a ton of skin, or really any at all. So you got issues? Well, guess what? Everyone does.
If you don’t love your arms, it’s OK to wear sleeves (even long sleeves). Weird about your legs? You don’t need to show them! Stick with light, breezy fabrics, peek-a-boo hemlines, and soft pastels and not only will you feel like a garden fairy, but you can keep covered in the dead of July without looking out of season (or losing consciousness).
If you go the full coverage route, no matter how ethereal your dress, this is the one instance where footwear matters. No need to get crazy though! A nude-heel sandal will do the trick.

Keep It Simple
There is something to be said for having a major dress moment when putting together a look — beading, chiffon and fresh floral prints are all fun and can make you feel like the prettiest girl in the room (sorry, bride). After all, when else are you going to dress like this? But just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.
If your style tends to be more minimal in the day-to-day, let that guide you. A simple knee-length, A-line dress tends to look great on just about every body type. So why not reach for an LBD? And of course, I mean a Little Blush Dress. While there’s nothing wrong with black or navy, soft blush elevates a simple silhouette and gives your whole look a little something extra. I love the stretch of a knit fabric for that perfect fit and a little bit of texture.
Go monochromatic with nude sandals and don’t feel bad about getting a little matchy- matchy. When you keep it simple, the details that count.
Whatever your style, whatever your body type, the most important thing to remember when shopping for wedding season is that you look your best when you feel your best. So sure, get formal and have fun but don’t forget… sometimes a girl just needs to wear Birkenstocks!